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Spooning in Public

“THE ROOM” LEAVE SPACE FOR LAUGHTER “Spoons!” was the first thing I heard, before a storm of plastic silverware hailed down on the second row in Pacific Place Theater. “The Room,” director Tommy Wiseau’s love-child of 2003, returned to the big screen for one night alone. Over 500 theaters in the United States were playing…

Not a Disaster

A GOOD FILM ABOUT A BAD FILM. “The Disaster Artist” seems to exist to answer the one question that is asked about all bad movies: “How did this film get made?” To its credit, the movie does try to answer this question by diving headfirst into the minds and personal dynamics of the two main…


Family Matters

STUDENTS GET REAL IN BRIGHTON BEACH Whether it’s the Great Depression or Great Recession, FDR or Donald J. Trump, family matters aren’t always pretty. From 15-year-old Eugene Jerome Morris’ perspective, he is the only bright, livelybeing in his female-dominated household. Eugene is the main character of “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” SCC’s most recent theatrical production. It…

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