Sexual Security Increase

I find myself… in need of a condom.
So I mosey up to the third floor of the PUB building, into to the Women’s Center with its warm, bright lights and semi-friendly faces to greet me as I breeze in the door.
I see one of the visitors in his waiting chair glance over at me as I pass the first secretary, who sits immediately to the right of the entrance, and head for the glorious little condom basket at the back of the room. Next to the box sits another secretary, peering over his computer, readying himself to assist me.

A story of an international student: homesickness

When I left Indonesia, I didn’t think I’d get homesick like other international students. Whenever people asked me, “will you miss your hometown when you’re in the United States?” my answer would always be the same: “Nope.” I didn’t think there was something awesome enough from my city that I would miss when I arrived in the States. I wasn’t that close to my parents, especially my dad. I prefer to share my stories with my friends rather than with my mom or dad.

Advice for international students on meeting a homeless person for the first time

Imagine you’re all sweaty and thirsty because you just spent half of the day searching
for the mall with a map which looks as though it’s drawn in Hieroglyphics. And at just the
moment you mistake a bus stop sign for a pyramid (no joke, this is how dehydrated and
tired you are) a homeless person comes up to you and says she has no money to take
the bus home. What makes it even more dramatic is that you have only two dollars in
your wallet and your bus is coming.

Take it from me, UW is not always what it's cracked up to be

After high school, I came Shoreline. Headed full throttle toward a degree in engineering, I
shoved my schedule full of prerequisites to get into the University of Washington’s Seattle campus.

What is success? Money, power and cat sweaters

If you walk around campus and ask students why they’re here, you’re going to get a very
diverse set of answers. There are those here for a brief amount of time to get themselves into
the workforce, for a few years to then transfer to a university, and lifelong learners here for an
undesignated amount of time to pick up some extra skills, to name a few.

The pro, the people’s choice and 3 other guys

“The two real parties in America are the Winners and the Losers. The people don’t acknowledge
this. They claim membership in two imaginary parties, the Republicans and the Democrats,
instead” — Kurt Vonnegut

GOP Presents is Second Round of Debates: Eleven Rings Under One Tent

This next presidential election will bring my third opportunity to have a say in “who will hold the
nuclear launch codes” and the highest seat in the United States of America. I passed up on my
previous opportunities to vote because part of me didn’t care and the other part felt it would be
irresponsible to cast a vote based on what I learned about candidates on Facebook.
This time I am going to make it count. Starting with dedicating time to finding out which
candidate’s stance and agenda I agree with most, and ending with a well­informed vote.

Tips for International Students: How to Order Food in America

Ordering a Subway sandwich is a lot harder than you thought it would be Rookie!

You are going to find yourself quickly stuck when you discover how many different kinds of bread you can have.

Odds are, you’ll just end up getting flatbread because that’s the only one you know how to pronounce.

After that, your jaw will drop because you have no idea what the names of the extra toppings are. The only thing you can do is stand there with your legs shaking, pointing at the extras and making yourself look like a total idiot in front of everyone – true story.

More safe spaces are needed on campus

If you walk into the Multicultural Center at the top of the PUB, you might notice a Totoro doll with a pin attached to it. The pin reads “Silence = Death,” a reference to the silencing of the LGBTQ+ community, and it is one of only a few visible markers that this is a safe place

Coming out and coming together: SCC Faculty and Ebbtide staff tell their stories

Aaron Berry: Political Editor

My mother refuses to believe I like men.

You see, I’m fluid. At different parts of my life, I’ve identified differently. Straight, gay, bisexual and even asexual; I’ve been all of these. It’s not that I don’t know my sexual orientation. Rather, I’ve found that as I change, who and what I’m physically attracted to changes.

I can talk about this with almost anyone. Almost. But not my mother.



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