Annoying Teachers v. Annoying Students


We’ve all heard the horror stories, and we all have a few of our own. “Ms. So-and-so made me cry in ninth grade,” or “Mr. What’s-his-face gave the worst assignments.” It’s an unavoidable part of being a student - eventually you will have that one professor, the one you’ll never forget, and not for good reasons.

Of course, there are great teachers out there too. The ones you’re crazy about and will remember forever, who write you that recommendation letter and get you into Stanford.

SCC Faculties Racial Diversity Is Bleak

Shoreline Community College does a lot of talking about its commitment to diversity. SCC’s mission statement says: “We are dedicated to serving the educational, workforce and cultural needs of our diverse community.” Of the 5 core themes listed, one is dedicated to “Access and Diversity.”

Since 2008, one of the college’s strategic themes has been to “Recruit, hire, retain, and develop a diverse college workforce.”

SCC's buses are severly over crowded

Riders of the half-sized buses servicing Shoreline Community College know the pain of shoulder-to-shoulder transit.

We’ve all seen the bus approach, with foggy windows and the shadows of 60 uncomfortable students, having barely enough room to even browse their cells and avoid eye-contact -- a right all commuters should be afforded.

Death by dress size: saving ourselves from toxic beauty with the body positivity movement

When I was in middle school, I tried to kill myself.

I failed, thank goodness. It hurt too much and I couldn’t make my fingers dig the razor in any deeper. I was stuck wearing Band-Aids and long sleeves for a week. The wounds left me even more embarrassed about my body, which didn’t help anything since embarrassment about my body was largely what drove me to slit my wrists in the first place.

Native students have been left adrift

Once upon a time, there were Native Americans at SCC.
They had a place to be, a place to belong.
There was a Native American studies department, with classes that mattered.
There was a vibrant and active First Nations club, with members who knew that they could count on each other as peers and friends.
And there was a man who helped them each step of the way.

Tuesdays are categorically the worst day of the week

Monday gets all the hate. Part of me wants to chalk this up to Garfield’s propaganda, but I know that’s just part of a larger, more systemic problem. You see it everywhere: endless memes and casual comments about how difficult Monday is, comments made by people who don’t understand the harm they’re causing.

While we all watch Monday with a magnifying glass, pointing out its flaws and dreading its arrival, another day wreaks silent havoc. Everyone’s so focused on Monday we turn around and bloody ourselves blindly tripping on Tuesday.

Speak up: bullying doesn't end after high school

“My buddy just said you’re cute, didn’t you man? Tell her what you were just telling me about how she’s cute.”

Consent is Sexy

Imagine you’re with a smokin’ hot chick and things are getting pretty hot and heavy, I mean the bra is off and that’s a lot of effort. Sparks are flying and you’re getting down to business, but when you ask consent things just… fizzle. The passion dies down, you both feel awkward and suddenly that horror movie seems a lot more interesting.

You sit in silence stress-eating popcorn.

Has this happened to you? Of course not, because asking consent is not a mood killer.

Kinky sex is not the kicker in "50 Shades of Grey"

I work at a BDSM club.

Or, to be more precise, I volunteer at the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC), a nonprofit organization in Seattle devoted to sexual education. I spend most of my Thursday nights behind the decks of a DJ rig playing music for a bondage, domination, and sadomasochism (BDSM) dungeon party. I’ve watched people get flogged, raked over with steel claws, trussed up in rope and suspended from the ceiling, pierced with needles, and shocked with electrical wands. If the Center allows it, I’ve probably seen it done – and I might even have participated.

Rigid Gender roles Hurt Men as well as women

Taking gender roles too seriously does more damage than you realize. A good example of the damage strict adherence to gender roles can cause would be the way male rape is portrayed in the media.



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