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Curve Your Enthusiasm

Curve Your Enthusiasm

Travis Tribble

April 22, 2019

INTERVIEW WITH THE FLAT-EARTH LEADER Many of the leaders in the Flat Earth Society have backgrounds in engineering, computing and other intellectual disciplines. The question remains: How can people who are otherwise level-headed and logical fall prey to what seems to be a ridiculous notion that c...

“The Twilight Zone” Returns

Nova Clark

April 21, 2019

ENTERING JORDAN PEELE’S FIFTH DIMENSION From a legacy of mystery that began 60 years ago, “The Twilight Zone” has returned to its well-deserved place in the spotlight. Hosted by Rod Serling, the original television show ran from 1959 to 1964 featuring tales of science fiction known for their...

The Mechanics of Love and Death

Natasha Sidik

April 21, 2019

A REVIEW OF NETFLIX’S NEW ANIMATED ANTHOLOGY The recent release of “Love, Death, and Robots,” an animated anthology on Netflix, has been creating buzz. It even received a 90 percent average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Like the name suggests, this collection of animated shorts spans on a wid...

In the Quiz of Thrones, You Win or You Die

CJ Priebe

April 21, 2019

[WpProQuiz 7]

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