The Ebbtide

Campaign Promises

Travis Tribble

February 4, 2019

IS ASG ANSWERING THE CALL? SCC has a number of resources available for students, but some on-campus assets aren’t always working, leaving all of us at a significant disadvantage. Denish Oleke, Associated Student Government (ASG) president, promised several courses of action in the sprin...

Don’t Struggle to Save

Natasha Sidik

November 4, 2018

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF STUDENT EXCLUSIVE DEALS Going to college isn't cheap. The nightmare of financial forms and late-night studying is something all too familiar. However, a number of economic benefits come with being a student. Everyone loves a good bargain, so might as well make the most out of th...

Deceptive Elective

CJ Priebe

November 2, 2018

WHEN MONEY MEETS POLITICS You know those flyers that sometimes show up in your mailbox around election time? Have you ever wondered if they were fake? Elections bring advertisements. They also bring out the use of sly tactics. It’s a game, and the weapon is money. But it’s not a game: this is our future. Wha...

Extra Credit

Forrest Baum

June 18, 2018

MONEY TIPS FOR STUDENTS A group of SCC students took time on a sunny day to learn about their credit. Many young people make poor choices that affect their credit, and these students opted to see what they could do about it. Students can avoid common mistakes by following several simple steps, as described ...

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