The Ebbtide

More than 80 couples join the mass wedding at Mandaue City, Cebu. A lot of couples avail of mass weddings because it is cheaper as it is usually sponsored by the city government like this one here. (Cheryl Baldicantos)

Love: A Universal Language

Natasha Sidik February 20, 2019

WORLDWIDE VALENTINE TRADITIONS Whether you are in a committed relationship or not, the history and diverse cultures of Valentine’s Day may still be something you’d be interested in. The name...

American Enough?

Natasha Sidik October 6, 2018

A CHALLENGED IDENTITY The image of a stereotypical American doesn’t fit with what most people would consider “American ideals,” a country that sells itself as a melting pot for multiculturalism. With...

Confusion, Courtship and Condoms

CJ Priebe October 6, 2018

ROM-COM GOES POSTAL Don’t you hate it when your younger sister mails your love letters to a slew of your past and current crushes? “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is based on Jenny Han’s...

Word on the Street: Where do you wish you were right now?

Word on the Street: “Where do you wish you were right now?”

  “In Ethiopia, managing my beauty business.” - Feven Kebede           “I wish I were in space.” - Iliays Vahimi       “Scuba diving...

Where is the Line?

Where is the Line?

CJ Priebe June 22, 2018

UPHOLDING FREE SPEECH WITHIN COMMUNITY STANDARDS On Monday, June 4, a man on campus used a large sign with harsh language on it to denounce Islam directly in front of the PUB. A number of classrooms...

Professor Mimi Harvey in her o ice which shes decorated with art from her travels around the world.

A Fresh Look

May 7, 2018

SCC'S MIMI HARVEY If you saw Professor Mimi Harvey as a child in the prairies of Nebraska, rounding up the neighborhood kids and pretending to teach, you might have expected her to become the teacher...

Standing in Solidarity

Standing in Solidarity

TWENTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL STUDENT OF COLOR CONFERENCE Students of color come together every year to learn how to battle the racism and discrimination that continues to exist in America today at the Students...

Not Your Average Athlete

CJ Priebe April 20, 2018

BODY SHAMING IN SPORTS Even world-class athletes endure insecurities about their bodies. Body shaming is an issue pervasive across many spheres of our society today. Measures have been taken to stamp...

Don’t Ask Me Why I Hate Math

Natasha Sidik March 20, 2018

THE PRICE OF THE MODEL MINORITY As a student who identifies as an Asian in America, my heritage brings with it prejudice against me, as a girl with slender, almond-shaped eyes and “yellow skin.”...

Laramie Project

March 13, 2018

“The Laramie Project” features 15 SCC theater students playing over 70 different real life individuals from Laramie, Wyo., following the death of openly gay student Matthew Shepard. The cast shares...

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