Swimming club at SCC

By Calvin Li

Ice-cream and popsicles are probably your go to choices when it comes to dealing with the heat waves this summer. A healthier option is now available at SCC. The brand-new Swimming Club is coming to SCC next quarter and will remain active through the summer.

“(Swimming) is not only an exercise, it’s also a good life, survival skill to have.” says Pauline Dai, an International student from Taiwan and the president of the Swimming Club. “It keeps you healthy and SCC offers students free swimming in the Helene Madison Swimming Pool. We should take advantage of that.”

Dai created the club because she couldn’t find one when she started at SCC this year. Dai says she enjoys swimming since it not only gives her a good workout, but it also acts as a stress reliever.

“It’s really relaxing being in the water.” she says.

In addition to the health benefit and relaxation from swimming, Megan Lo, a student from Hong Kong and co-founder of the club says she enjoys swimming because she appreciates the socializing opportunity. Lo is passionate about swimming and wants to coach swimming as her part-time job in the future.

“So it’s a good opportunity for me to try teaching people how to swim!” Lo says with a laugh.

Lo was recently named as one of the International Peer Mentors for the next school year, and says she would definitely encourage international students to join this club.

Julia Block, the adviser of Swimming Club and the Associate Director for the International Education Department encourage students to sign up for the club because it’s different and unique compared to other sports on campus and offers a new way for students to get active.

“Swimming is a fun activity, especially in the summer,” Block says. “When it’s hot, it gives students an opportunity just to cool off.”

According to Dai, the club welcomes students with any level of experience and will hold their meeting at 4 p.m., every Friday in Room 3025 and swim at 6 p.m. in Helene Madison Pool.