Students Steal from Avanti


Jeffrey Shirts, News Editor

The Avanti Markets store at SCC was empty over a period of three months, $9,000 worth of goods were stolen. In light of the rampant thefts, the college’s security team has requested access to the security camera footage from the cameras that the Avanti company owns.

The thefts mostly came from a few students and the homeless. The vast majority of students pay for their goods. However, some students thought the food was free because the machine’s are essentially a row of fridges.

To counteract future theft the company who owns Avanti markets are adding a live feed of what the cameras are recording, the hope is that when students see that the cameras are on they will be less likely to commit theft.

When asked about their thoughts on the recent theft, one student, Viola Citizen said, “it makes sense that people would steal from it. I mean, when you’re paying for college, you know there’s lots of people who are struggling to make ends meet, especially if you live in the 7K [dorms].If your only options are the closest thing. Like if the closest thing for food you have is the Avanti Market and you’re not doing too well, I think it makes perfect sense that you would steal. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t judge anyone for stealing from the Avanti Market.”

When asked by students and staff what their thoughts on Avanti were, their responses ranged from indifference to negative with very few positive remarks. In the end, the best thing Students can do is to wait for the food trucks that are supposed to be here in the fall.