Student Guide to Compartmentalize Commencement

Commencement, a College Day to Remember

Sok Kong, Staff Writer

Spring quarter is half-way through, and it is noticeable that some of the SCC students are more actively preparing for graduation. Spring quarter is not only about students’ graduation, but also a celebration of commencement which is held once per year by the college.

Oftentimes many students get confused between graduation and commencement, especially for international students. And for those who graduated highschool during the pandemic this might be confusing because it’s their first commencement ceremony. Here’s all the information that students need to know about attending a commencement ceremony in-person.

Graduation Vs. Commencement

There is a difference between graduation and commencement, and many students are always misunderstanding. Participating in the commencement won’t certainly imply that you are officially graduating from community college, yet individuals can complete or basically graduate from college without attending commencement.

Graduation is an official completion of all of the degree requirements as recorded on the college’s official transcript and earning/completing those degrees could happen each of every quarter. Commencement, on the other hand, is an annual ceremony event held in June that celebrates students’ completion of their degree or college accomplishment, along with students’ family, loved ones, and campus faculty as well as staff.

This spring, SCC has announced Saturday, June 17 as the date for the school commencement ceremony. The celebration will take place at Shoreline Gymnasium (3000 Building), and is divided into two sections; the morning ceremony and afternoon ceremony.

SCC students who are graduating this spring quarter should fill out both the form of Application for Degree which ensures that you are officially graduating and receive the correct degree as well as 2023 Commencement Participation Form which secures that you get a spot if you plan on attending the commencement. For more information or if students have any concerns about commencement, students can either click here, or send an email to [email protected].

**Attention: Application for Degree is deadline on Friday, May 5 and the deadline to sign up for the 2023 Commencement Participation Form will be due on Tuesday, May 16.

How should students be prepared for the commencement?

Here are some useful tips which graduating students can apply:

Dress properly and appropriately: It is going to stay in a photograph forever, so think wisely, and ensure that it is comfortable in wearing as well as walking.
Be an early bird: Arriving early not only gives an opportunity for individuals to be prepared, but also can potentially calm down their anxiety, and it ensures that students have enough time to find their spot and get settled.
Be mentally prepared: Graduation ceremonies can be both emotional and nerve-wracking. It is important for students to be mentally prepared for the ceremony.
Follow the instructions: read every single sentence or step carefully
Bring necessary items: Students should make a list of what to bring ahead of time, so it won’t be forgotten. Significantly bring required items such as the cap and gown. *Plus, bring some tissues if you know you are about to cry.
Practice beforehand: Students should practice walking in their cap as well as gown, accompanied by heels, so that individuals can feel confident and familiar during the ceremony.
Bring a smile and a camera: Celebrating well with loved ones, and capture your moment of accomplishment.

Meet with a former student who graduated from SCC in 2022, Cecilia Aiko, shared her experiences at commencement, “I prepared for the ceremony by just making sure that I’ve properly applied and am registered to walk during commencement, as well as making sure I have everything that I need for d-day [debut day], [including] dress, robe, cap, heels.” and then give some message to the upcoming graduator, “Have fun! Prepare to take pictures and make some memories!”

“I did [the] High School Completion Program at Shoreline and graduated in 2022”, said Jessica Leung, who is also one of the students attended commencement last year, and then continued sharing her experiences, “It was actually not well planned for me, since I don’t know High School Completion Program can go to the commencement until the last 2 weeks. So, my gown and cap almost didn’t arrive on time but, thankfully, it did. On that day, since I submitted the forms late, they didn’t have my name card. My name was called out but not shown on the screen.” Leung recommends that, “students invite their friends and family earlier, so they can plan in advance to come. Also, if no one is coming for you, there is nowhere you can keep your stuff.”

Thus, plan ahead and be well-prepared for commencement. Enjoy your last quarter.