SCC Admin Offers New Options for Dental Hygiene Program Relocation

Joshua Groom

SCC has identified several new possibilities for permanent relocation of the college’s Dental Hygiene program as the school continues to explore possibilities for the future of the program.

Those locations, announced by SCC President Cheryl Roberts at a Feb. 26 Board of Trustees meeting, include the University of Washington, the Community Health Center in Snohomish county, as well as the 1300 and 1400 buildings on campus. 

The college is evaluating options for relocation because the schoole plans to demolish and rebuild the 2500 building, which houses the program. The new building will not include dental hygiene facilities.

Students currently enrolled in the program will not be impacted by the change.

Roberts reiterated that the school does not plan to cut the Dental Hygiene program under the new budget proposals, though the program is not expected to enroll any new students next year.

SCC could reverse the decision before June with minimal adverse effects on the program, according to Maryrose Bellert, the Dental Hygiene director. The new class would be a smaller size than the program typically enrolls, if the college makes a last minute reversal.