News Briefs – Vol 52 Issue 10

Winter Planting
1:30-4:30 p.m., March 17, North Woods
As a precursor to SCC’s Earth Day celebration from April 19-22, students are invited to help plant ground cover, shrubs and trees just north of the soccer field. Meet in the parking lot on the east side of the track/soccer field.

Last Day of Winter Quarter Classes
March 20
Yes, you actually have to show up on Monday. I know, I had no idea, either. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and your teachers will do a review session for the final. Maybe they’ll bring cake. The day is filled with possibilities.

College Rep Visits
11 a.m.-1 p.m., March 20, Table in the PUB
Bentley University and Embry-Riddle University will send representatives to discuss admissions, academic programs, financial aid and campus life.

March 22-24
These days are also filled with possibilities. Mostly bad possibilities. I’m just kidding. You’ll do great. Just remember: Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me, who believes in you.

Free Auto Leaks Inspection Workshop
6-10 p.m., March 23, Automotive Building
Make sure that the only trail of slowly dripping liquid that follows you home is from your finals-week-induced tears.

Lars Gilmour Memorial
2-4 p.m., March 25, Bellevue Azteca Restaurant
The family of Lars Gilmour, the SCC professor who died last quarter, is inviting all SCC students to a celebration of his life. To RSVP, contact Marj Gilmour: (253) 350-7355. The restaurant is at 150 112th Ave NE Bellevue, WA.

Spring Break
March 27-31
Try not to wake up naked on a futon with a bunch of strangers more than, like, twice, okay? But in all seriousness, folks, have fun and be safe.

FAFSA Workshop
2:30-4 p.m., March 27, Workforce Education Computer Lab, FOSS, 5101
Get help with financial aid. Paying full price is for chumps.

Grades Available
March 29
*Cue ominous thunderclap*

International Peer Mentor Deadline
April 2
International Peer Mentors are students who plan events such as the Global Showcase and International Student Orientation Program, provide advice and mentorship to international students and assist the International Education Office with various tasks like advising and immigration. Candidates should be excited about getting more involved in the SCC community and supporting their fellow students. All students are eligible, not just international students. Minimum 3.0 GPA required. For more information, contact Yushin Wung; [email protected], or the current IPMs at [email protected].

First Day of Spring Quarter
April 3
Man, after having, like, a month off in December and January, coming back after only a week is kind of a kick in the teeth. I’m just kidding! Any longer and I would have missed you all too much.

Last Day for 100 Percent Refund
April 7
It’s do or die time, folks. Time to make the hard choices. Do you really want to spend all quarter in that 8 a.m. underwater basket weaving class? (Side question: Does SCC offer underwater basket weaving, and if not, why?)

Instructor Signature Required to Add Class
April 10-14
That’s … Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Right there in the ol’ title-dealie.

The Future of Europe
6:30-8:30 p.m., April 13, 1010(m) Boardroom
Brexit. Refugees. Recession. The ever-present threat of terrorism. What does the future hold for the European Union? The first of eight seminars. It’s $5 at the door or $35 for the series. You can even earn a couple credits. For more information, contact Larry Fuell: [email protected], 5385 FOSS.

Graduation Application Due Date
April 14
Hoo-boy. Don’t wanna miss this one.

-Connor Tee