National Novel Writing Month A.K.A NaNoWriMo

By Ilona Kinnear

Do you ever have a great story just pop into your head and not know what to do with it? Have you ever started a story only to leave it unfinished, or get bored of it and move on to another story? Or do you want to write something and don’t know where to start?

Well, November is here and it is time to write. First off, head to and sign up.

That way you can stay up to date and motivated to work through and accomplish something!

The website is full of resources from learning how to be motivated to write to being a place to publish your novel, including a FAQ to answer your questions, such as, “Can I participate if I’m not American? Can I write a novel in any language?” and “How do I win NaNoWriMo? What are the prizes? Is there an entry fee?”

There is actually a contest with a prize if you submit a novel with 50,000 or more words. It is also recommended that you upload a book cover, so it is a good opportunity to polish your art skills as well.

Don’t forget when you sign up on the NaNoWriMo website, make sure to set your region for Seattle to make sure you get updates to any NaNoWriMo events taking place near you or at SCC.

Another resource is the library on campus. The librarians are happy to help you if you have any problems writing. They can help you with almost anything, from coming up with ideas to polishing your grammar.

There will be Write-In Wednesdays in the library as well from 5:30-7:30 p.m.. This is an opportunity for fellow writers and authors to work in a constructive and collaborative space.