If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Right Now

Ever want to take a nap on campus?

Soon that may be possible.

SCC is in the early stages of building an on-campus residence hall that is expected to be ready by fall of 2019. The five-story building will be located just east of the PUB, taking up parking lot E8 on the east side of campus. According to Stuart Trippel, SCC’s senior executive director and chief financial officer, despite rumors of a recent groundbreaking, SCC has only submitted a set of construction drawings to the City of Shoreline for permits. They hope to have the formal okay from the city in the next two or three months.

Most of the available units are planned to be four-person dorms: four separate bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and two bathrooms. There will also be two- and one-person apartments available, though the exact number is not determined at this stage. There are expected to be 68 separate units and around 220 total beds, said Trippel.

There will also be one large kitchen in the residence hall that will be used for demonstrations as well as preparing food for events on campus.

“This is totally self-supporting,” said Trippel.

“When I think of community college, I don’t think of dorms,” said Anthony Smith, an SCC student.

SCC is receiving bonds for construction through the state of Washington. These bonds come from taxpayers at large throughout the state; many are issued to colleges across the state each year.

There will be no additional cost, to tuition or otherwise, for students who do not choose to live in the residence hall. “The student rent needs to pay for … the bonds and the daily operating cost of the building,” said Trippel.

By Ed Strong,
Staff Writter