Cast Your Votes: ASG Presidential Election Commences

A quick guide to the candidates

Kirk Meyers, News Editor

The Associated Student Government is undergoing an election process that will determine its future president — and SCC students can take part by voting.
Want to make an informed vote? Here’s what you need to know.

Presidential Duties

The individual who holds office as ASG President acts as a liaison between students and the college administration.
The president heads all ASG board meetings, function as the student voice in the SCC board of trustees meetings, and works in conjunction with the College’s Vice President and Director of Student Life.

Open Forum

An open forum held Thursday allowed students and faculty to get to know the presidential candidates and ask them questions. The students running for office are current ASG President Sunshine Cheng and newcomer Samira Jimaale.
Cheng and Jimaale discussed the various endeavors they would hope to achieve as ASG President, both sharing an optimistic outlook on SCC’s future.
A main goal of Cheng’s is to improve relations between international and domestic students and create a more progressive and cultivating environment for all students to share.
Jimaale wants to call attention to the adverse effects of the pandemic on mental health. To counteract struggles such as loneliness and anxiety, Jimaale hopes to organize more activities for students to engage in.
Click here to vote for SCC’s next ASG President through May 7.