ASG in Review: Oct.10, 2022

Paris Apodaca

The Associated Student Government (ASG) holds board meetings every alternate week on Mondays at 3 p.m. in Room 1010. These meetings are open to the SCC community. Students are encouraged to attend, participate and share their perspectives.

New Business:

Club Recognition

ASG unanimously approved the Metaverse and App-Exploration Club. This club’s purpose is to explore the metaverse and create new apps. Members of the club want to create their own metaverse for the SCC community, so students can communicate no matter where they are. The Metaverse and App-Explorations Club will be able to make online currency by selling online items. Those earnings that can be transferred to U.S. currency, which would then go into their clubs’ funds. Meetings will be held online in the meta-verse with possible consideration for physical location. The club is open to all but focuses on computer science majors.

The Untapped STEM club was approved with eight votes. Their club will be about promoting representation and encouraging minorities within STEM fields. Untapped STEM claims women are frequently uncredited for their work in STEM. There will be event webinars for minorities in STEM careers to share their experiences. Their first guest will likely be from Microsoft. These events will be open to the whole SCC community.

Curious about culture? The Taiwan Student Association Club was approved by ASG. Students involved with the Taiwan Student Association hope to inform students about their rich culture. They plan to have events that share Taiwanese traditional holidays with the SCC community. The Taiwanese Student Association would like to have a sense of community and presence at SCC. They plan to have monthly activities including field trips and picnics.

ASG also approved The Chinese Culture Club. Similarly to the Taiwan Student Association Club, the Chinese Culture Club will be celebrating traditional holidays. The Chinese Culture Club is hoping to have an event to make dumplings. This club will only be meeting monthly. The club currently has only 6 members. As the year progresses, they plan to gain more members.

The SCC campus is a diverse community with students from all around the world. Alone, it’s hard to establish and review core beliefs.

The Rooted Campus Ministry Club is a place where students can learn about predominantly Christian beliefs. This club was originally started at the University of Washington and has since spread to SCC. It was approved by the ASG. The stated focus of the Rooted Campus Ministry is the salvation of students. Everyone is welcome regardless of religion. Events hosted include bible studies and spiritual conversations within the PUB.

Mini-Grant Requests
Another year, another edition of Spindrift is in the making. Spindrift is a literature and arts journal, highly regarded within the SCC community. The art advisor for Spindrift requested a $5,284 dollar mini-grant for budget purposes. The money will be spent on hiring faculty members. The sooner the staff is hired, the faster they can get art and literature submissions. Students learn how to publish and edit within a magazine setting. This process sounds quite familiar.

It’s the beginning of a new academic year and it’s time to party. The DECA program was approved for a $350 mini-grant to host a welcoming party. They will introduce their program to new students at the library. There will be free pizza and snacks for attendees. DECA is a program that focuses on marketing, economics and community involvement. Thirty-six members have already signed up for the event. The vote was seven yeas and one abstention. The abstaining party was an officer affiliated with DECA.

The next ASG meeting is scheduled for Oct. 24.