ASG in Review

By Cendri Johnson

Club Recognition

The Spice & Melody club was unanimously approved by the ASG. This club will focus on teaching students collaboration skills in putting on events involving food and music. Each event, it was said, would have a different theme or focus on a different culture.


Japanese Culture Club
Requested: $375
Granted: $375

The Japanese club has designed logos for club T-shirts and requested this money to purchase and print these customized T-shirts.

CEO Club
Requested: $140
Granted: $0

The CEO club asked for this money to cover expenditures for their end of quarter celebration, which would include food, drinks, decorations and awards. Unfortunately, the representative for this club was not able to attend this ASG meeting to speak for the mini-grant, so this item has been tabled for the next meeting.

Millionaire Club
Requested: $579.45
Granted: $0

The Millionaire club requested this money to pay for an event in which students will come present a business pitch to a panel of judges and be scored by said panel. A $300 Amazon gift card would be given to the first place winner of this competition, then a $200 and $100 gift card for second and third place. In addition to these prizes, the $579.45 was requested to cover six pizzas, four bottles of smoothies, two boxes of Coke and various dishes/utensils. The ASG decided that they couldn’t justify using school funds to allot gift cards of such large value to individual students, because this would not be benefiting the school as a whole. This mini-grant was therefore declined.

Intramural and Wellness
Requested: $1,315
Granted: $1,315

This money was requested in order to pay for the annual trip to Stevens Pass for 50 current students, staff and faculty so they can ski, snowboard, or snowshoe together. Expenditures include transportation and snow tires.

Multicultural Center
Requested: $8,865
Granted: $8,865

Members from the multicultural center as well as the Black Student Union, Alliance of Latin American Students, African Student Club and First Nations will be sending a total of 25 students and five advisers to the Students of Color Conference in April of 2017. Expenditures include transportation, lodging, meals and registration fees.