Word on the Street: Teacher Edition – What was the Most Ridiculous Excuse You Ever Got From A Student?

By Adelia Sindunata
Photo By Martin Musialczyk

Three flat tires in a week… from three different students. Fishy enough.
-Matt Allison (Art Appreciation: The World of Art, Two Dimensional Design, Three Dimensional Design, Ceramic Art 1-3)

Classic: “My dog ate my homework.”
-Bruce Amstutz (Drawing 1,2,3)

I got a student that didn’t do a photography assignment because “it was raining all weekend.”
-Lauren Greathouse (Photography, Studio/Lighting/Digital Imaging)

“It was my 21st birthday two days ago and I was still drunk, so there’s no way I could (have) come to class yesterday,” said one of my students.
-Heather Munsell (Public Speaking)

Probably the excuse wasn’t that special because it was the usual ‘my dog ate my homework,’ but the funny part is I actually believed it because I wasn’t familiar with American idioms back then. I literally asked, “Is your dog okay?”
-Mayumi Steinmetz (Japanese Language, History-East Asia)