Word on the Street: “If you could be one of the faculty members, who would you want to be and why?”



“I would be Reggie Garrett because he is a chill guy and I think he understands the world really well — I think of him as a leader and a really great person.” – Connor Smith






“I would want to be Clarita Bhat because I would love to run labs all day.” – Travis Tribble







“I would be Professor Barclay — she teaches anthropology in a really fun and enthusiastic way which makes you really want to learn.” – Selina Lor






“I would say probably William Lindenmuth … He has amazing lectures with really interesting stories. … I think he influences students to think deeply about his subject in a really cool way.” – Eli Lotz






“I want to be Kate Boyd because she is a very cool teacher.” – Chanidapha Orachorn





By Davira Shaffena,
Ad Manager

Photos by Nick Molsee