Word on the Street: Does seeing other people cheat upset you?

I mean, since I’ve been here, I haven’t seen anyone cheat yet. (But) I think they’re cheating themselves because they’re paying their money, so they’re just wasting their time. It doesn’t upset me personally because, I mean, some people just want to get their diploma and go, so it doesn’t upset me.
– Corneille Ngoy

I think, yeah, it upsets me because – of course you’re learning for yourself (but) you’re exploiting their knowledge. I think everyone should have their own knowledge.
– Nashrah Junejo

It upsets me a little bit if, like, I’ve taken the class and if I see someone cheating and like getting credit for doing something I worked hard to achieve… I try not to make it my business but it does passively upset me.
– Scott Anders

Well, of course it makes me feel not comfortable. First it’s unfair (when you do that), and I’m not a professional person in academics. I mean, I know not only in the US but in the world, academics is important … you’re cheating yourself, it’s not good, it’s bad. It’s disappointing.
– Sean Sun

Not really, that’s their business, it has nothing to do with me… That’s their business, so I don’t let what others do affect me.
– Shane Faulk

-Areeya Tipyasothi and Martin Musialczyk