SCC’s Got Talent : Art, Literary and Music Magazine Production Underway

By Emily Boyer

Are you looking to get your writing or music published? Check out Spindrift, Shoreline Community College’s national award-winning art and literary journal.

Spindrift, founded in 1966, has been with SCC almost since the school’s inception. It began solely as a literary journal but grew to include visual art and, just this year, musical compositions, accessible via QR code.

Spindrift submissions encompass a broad range of themes and subjects, though LeeEliza Owenz, the journal’s art editor, advises participants to avoid politics and anything excessively off-color or pornographic. Chuck Schultz, the art adviser, suggests that submissions be “edgy and Northwest-y.”

According to Owenz, Spindrift is “a wonderful opportunity for student writers, artists and musicians,” as it allows them to be published in a nationally recognized journal while still in school.

As for her own role with Spindrift, Owenz says, “I love it. I’m thrilled. It’s a chance for me to use what I learned in the VCT (visual communications technology) department (at SCC) for graphic design and layout in an award-winning journal.”

Literary submissions are chosen by Spindrift staff, and each piece is paired with an art submission. During this process, staff members group the art into “yes,” “no” and “maybe” groups while other staff members read the literary submissions out loud. The submissions that go best together are paired. The art is not meant to literally illustrate the writing, but to complement it.

Contributors can obtain a free copy of Spindrift at the release party, which Schultz tentatively puts in late May or early June. Copies will also be available at the SCC bookstore.

The deadline for art submissions has passed, but musical and literary submissions are welcome through Feb. 20. There is a maximum of five submissions per person, and literary submissions should not exceed 3500 words each. Participants are encouraged to include a short bio. Spindrift accepts submissions from current and former SCC students as well as the community as a whole.

Anyone interested can vote on art submissions. A jury show will take place from 11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 22-23 in the 2000 Building. The art will be displayed and ballot boxes will be placed next to each piece, which will allow voters to pick their ten favorite pieces.