Get Out of Town


Moving from one place to another is hard, especially when you are an international student who got accepted into your favorite university in another part of the country. If you only feel 50 percent ready, here are some steps to make you 200 percent ready to leave the city and start your new journey!

Step one: Plan everything

Nothing can happen if you don’t plan first. You need to figure out how many boxes you need and how you’re going to pack all your stuff, or if U-Haul or any other services can help you in doing so.

In addition, planning can make it easier to estimate the best time for you to start packing. It takes a lot of time, folks, so make sure you start early.

Step two: Sell and give stuff away

Who thought that moving out could earn you some cash?

While you are packing your stuff, you might find some things that you don’t need anymore. This is a perfect time for you to sell some of them.

Posting a good picture of your stuff and selling it through social media can be a good way to earn cash. Or maybe sell to your friends or host families.

What about clothes? If you find some clothes that don’t fit you anymore or that you don’t want to bring with you, you can always give them to charity.

Step three: Do research

This step will prepare you to be ready once you arrive to that new world. Do research on the best food in your new city, as well as places to hangout, the weather and how to get around.

You can start imagining what your life will be like in the future and it can help you adjust. Also, you may even find you have something in common with the city!

Step four: Cherish your loved ones

I know this is the saddest step, but make sure to show your love to the ones that have been there for you since day one. After finals week has passed, go ahead, explore Seattle with your friends, treat them or maybe give them unexpected farewell gifts — they deserve it.

Don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can so you will have memories to look back on whenever you miss your loved ones. It might help heal your gloomy feelings in the middle of your university life.

Having a little party in your house can also be a good idea to have fun on farewell night!

I know that in order to be one step closer to your dream, you have to say goodbye to your loved ones and leave everything behind. It’s happy and sad at the same time, but life keeps rolling and we need to move on.

Just believe that if the time and moment is right, you will once again be reunited with SCC.

By Davira Shaffena,
Ad Manager