A Transfer A-fair: Shoreline Hosts 4-year Colleges for Meet-and-Greet With Students

You may not have heard but Shoreline held a transfer fair that brought an assemblage of universities to the PUB Dining Room on May 4.

This could have been because you were preoccupied with your Star Wars watch party (May the Fourth be with you), or because you did not check the SCC news and events calendar for a list of useful activities.

No matter the reason, the Ebbtide was present to fill you in on what attending students learned, as well as what participating schools had to share.

Many of the students who attended walked past or into the event unexpectedly, their eyes caught by propped up advertisements and the natural curiosity of crowds.

Questions and concerns from students varied widely, and many international students found themselves relating to a concern of Bipin Regmi, a native of India. Regmi was wondering whether or not his credits earned in India would transfer to the participating 4-year colleges. Answers varied, so it is recommended that you check with your desired school for clarification.

Meanwhile, many carried the same goal as student Sabirin Abdi: to formulate their own opinions of the individual schools and dissect them with questions based on their own personal interests.

Representatives from the array of colleges seemed well-prepared for all the questions thrown at them.

Zachary McKinlay, an admissions counselor from the University of Washington, said part of the transfer fair experience for him was learning new ways to help students with their unique situations. When asked what he’d like students to know about the UW, McKinlay explained how the school appreciates the mindset transfer students carry with them and how UW collaborates with many local community colleges to help get transfer students applying and attending the school. The UW caters to many degrees of study — from environmental to health to business — through its Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses.

Some helpful transfer tips provided by Sara Buswell, associate director of admissions for Washington State University, were to begin preparation to transfer one year in advance and to meet with administration and counselors whenever you have questions or need help. By planning ahead, students can limit the anxiety of transferring. Things like financial aid, academic requirements and planning can all be addressed beforehand.

Additionally, contact can be established with the administrators and counselors from the 4-year of your choice before being admitted.

This gives transfer students the opportunity to be proactive and build helpful relationships with the school’s personnel.

As morning approached afternoon, the dining room became flooded with those seeking meals and information. What felt like a nervous and calculated speed dating event had snowballed into an energetic commingling of thoughts and answers. Intimidated students gained courage with the growing crowd, which seemed to breathe life into the representatives, who had been there since morning.

SCC’s own academic adviser, Tiffany Meier, was also present for the event to provide guidance on talking to the other schools. Meier said she loves that students get a chance to meet individuals that can further their knowledge of particular schools. However, she wants students to be aware of the services that SCC currently offers in helping them achieve their academic goals. Services available span from tutoring and academic advisers to career counselors and assistance with drafting personal statements.

These tools are readily available to all SCC students. Still, it’s a conditional love for students: pay tuition and get these services, but remember that the payout is a variable dependent only on an individual’s own desire.