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EBBTIDE WORD SEARCH – Vol. 53, Issue 14

This week’s search brings you some regional icons that make Seattle what it is. Visit all of these sites in one weekend to win the prize. Which we don’t have, but perhaps you’ll get a sense of self-accomplishment instead. Check to see if you got them all:   TweetSharePin

EBBTIDE WORD SEARCH – Vol. 53, Issue 13

With the weather we’ve been having, it almost feels like summer already. And with all the summer concert announcements flooding in, we thought we’d do justice to the strong musical heritage of the region. So, for your word-searching pleasure, we present you with these songs, from well-known to obscure, from various Seattle-area bands. Bonus points…

EBBTIDE WORD SEARCH – Vol. 53, Issue 11

In honor of Earth Day, we bring you this particularly earthy word search. Dig deep and you will be rewarded with a vast sense of accomplishment. Or you know, maybe not. Anyways, check out the answers below to see if you got all of them right. TweetSharePin

EBBTIDE WORD SEARCH – Vol. 53, Issue 10

Spring has sprung. Or at least it’s trying to. Grab our paper copy to complete our special seasonal word search. If you completed this word search within five minutes, maybe the sun will come out to congratulate you. Attached is the answer key:   TweetSharePin

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