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Start Small, Build Big

Kevin Lam, Staff Writer June 10, 2022

If you follow the biggest headlines, everyday can feel like the next bad day. Big, complex problems in the world loom over our lives. Political polarization. Climate change. The Covid-19 pandemic. Drastic...

The entrance sign to Evergreen Washelli Cemetery

The Life of Graves

Kevin Lam, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

Despite being the largest in Seattle, the nearby cemetery can be easy to miss. A seven-minute drive from SCC, the Evergreen Washelli Cemetery fosters historical insight, moments of reflection and a peaceful...

Dolphins Soak Up Some Springtime Sun

Dolphins Soak Up Some Springtime Sun

Astrid Alexander, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

The air was crisp as shuttles picked up waiting students. The van driver promised the light cloud cover would burn off, giving way to blue skies later in the day. Skeptical passengers were not convinced...

Pictured left to right: Abdulla Almansoori, Michel Lodekon, Sen-Ting (Mina) Tsai, Lianne Almughirah

Connecting Students from Around the World

Astrid Alexander, Staff Writer May 13, 2022

  From May 2 to 6, SCC’s International Student Leaders (ISL) hosted a week of events to promote cultural understanding and inclusivity. Monday-Wednesday featured international students Michel,...

Classes to Express Your Drama

Estlin Coates, Staff Writer May 13, 2022

Voice-over Broadcasting Workshop On May 17, SCC is offering a two-hour long workshop on voice-over broadcasting in commercials, film and videos. This introductory workshop plans to teach students the...

Coming Soon, New Dolphie!

Coming Soon, New Dolphie!

Paris Apodaca, News Editor April 29, 2022

Dolphie, SCC’s mascot, is getting an upgrade. Did you know that before we were the Dolphins, we were Samurai? Before Dolphie, our mascot was a samurai, representing honor and courage. SCC’s...

Cup of Joe, Where Did You Go?

Cup of Joe, Where Did You Go?

Tom O'Brien, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

Students returned to the Shoreline Campus this quarter after a two-year hiatus. As more students return and activities around campus resume, a few stomachs rumble and questions linger. Where are the food...

Explore SCC’s clubs at the Club Fair

Explore SCC’s clubs at the Club Fair

Jasmine Contreras-Lewis, Editor-In-Chief April 15, 2022

Like the quiet perennials, students are showing their faces on campus this spring. With a return to school, students have an opportunity to participate in clubs again. On April 20th, Student Life will...

SCC’s Leadership Certificate Series begins

SCC’s Leadership Certificate Series begins

Paris Apodaca, Staff Writer April 15, 2022

Student life has returned this spring with another opportunity for advancement. Spring’s Leadership Certificate Series started on April 7th with a workshop about Ethical Leadership. These workshops...

Nova Clark, Editor-In-Chief

Homage to Editor-in-Chief Nova Clark

Paris Apodaca, Guest Contributor March 25, 2022

Editor’s note: Since December 2019, Nova Clark has dutifully served as The Ebbtide’s editor-in-chief. After nearly four years in total with the newspaper, she is passing down her position. We appreciate...

Current State of the Deep Roots Garden

Roots of the Deep Roots Garden

Jasmine Contreras-Lewis, News Editor March 11, 2022

The campus these days has been quiet. I can hear my footsteps echo through the empty walkways. It’s peaceful yet bereft of the student chittering that makes a college feel like a college. Nonetheless,...

Will Online Classes Persist After the Pandemic?

Will Online Classes Persist After the Pandemic?

Courtney Bing, Guest Contributor October 15, 2021

Online classes were already on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, subsequent closures and stay-at-home orders only propelled remote education forward. As schools around the world made the...

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