Night of One Thousand Sophomores: Second Year Students Will Be Performing in this Showcase

Most of the students on campus, outside the music department, don’t even know that SCC has an annual Sophomore Showcase.

Fortunately, we haven’t missed this year’s show. It’s coming soon. This Sophomore Showcase is free for anyone who wants to come and watch.

“The Sophomore Showcase is a way to honor and celebrate our second-year students who have put so much time and dedication into mastering their performance skills and musicianship,” explained Jensina Oliver, a faculty member in the music department.

This year the Sophomore Showcase is going to be combined with the Honors Recital. The music department’s Honor Recital is used to commemorate the people in the music department who won the Outstanding Jury Awards at their quarterly performance juries, or performance before a panel.

SCC’s music department has the largest number of faculty members in their department compared to other community colleges in Washington. SCC even has 13 different performing groups.

Also, the college has programs catered for both students who aren’t transferring and those who are.

SCC has more than just one band and there are also choirs, instrumentals and even different jazz groups among the music department’s offerings.

According to Oliver, “the music department is so diverse.”

Unfortunately, many students remain oblivious to this fact. Students who haven’t had a class there may not even know the existence of the music building, Building 800.

The music department has had the tradition of holding an annual Sophomore Showcase for years now. Students who perform in this showcase have attended SCC for two years or more.

Oliver mentioned that the performers are “our best students.” As a matter of fact, among the performers are an award-winning opera singer and the pianist for SCC’s award-winning jazz band.

The showcase will include a variety of performances. Many of the performances will be solo performances but there will also be group performances. There will be vocalists, instrumental pieces and even singer-songwriters. Some will perform classics, but if you’re not into classics, there’ll also be the blues and jazz performers.

To find the 800 Building, where the Showcase is being held, start by taking the steps in front of the FOSS building leading towards the roads at the back of the campus. Then just go straight ahead where you’ll see a long path with a smoking shelter on the left. Just keep going down that path until you see Building 800.

The music department invites you to watch their senior students perform in this showcase at 12:30 p.m. on May 5 in Room 818. Everyone can watch the performance free of charge.

-Madeline Kimberly