A Food Companion for Your Valentine

Cheryl Amelia, Staff Writer

Did you miss Valentine’s Day this year because it was during the week?

Whether you spend Valentine’s Day on your own binging sobby romance movies or have plans with a significant other, it is always a brain scratcher on what you can get at this event other than a box of chocolates and some pretty flowers.

“Flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s feels like an answer you would get from a quick Google search. Those gifts aren’t personal and honestly, I’d feel like my partner doesn’t understand me enough to get something other than the bare minimum Valentine’s gift,” said an SCC student.

Now if you have already given those flowers and chocolates for the 14th, don’t fret. Surprise them this weekend with this extra tasty treat. You could also choose to present your homemade Loukoumades beside a jar of rolled-up hand-written love notes or folded origami flowers to last longer than the previous flowers you gave. Loukoumades are also great for that light late-night snack or a side to serve for the next party with friends.

Loukoumades is one of the oldest Greek desserts in existence. Traces of this light-bite date back to before the first Olympic Games in 776 B.C. Some sources suggest that it was served to winners of the first Olympics. Loukoumades have a doughy texture similar to a donut, but are much smaller in size and are made to be eaten in one or two bites.

Usually, Loukoumades are dressed in greek honey with cinnamon, but new modern tweaks prefer the use of frosting or chocolate dips that are simply more accessible than greek honey.

Either way, it is definitely a simple dish that one could make any day, especially valentines because everyone knows that ‘the way to the heart is through the stomach’.

Nothing feels better than waking up on a relaxing Sunday morning to a plate of delicious Loukoumades. Don’t worry about the ingredients. They can be found in most convenience stores.