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SCC Graduates Hold Panel on International Studies

“What are you gonna do with an International Studies degree, huh, punk?” This question — perhaps not verbatim — plagued three SCC graduates when they were students at SCC. They answered this question at the “Ah-Ha Moments” panel in the PUB on Feb. 23, an event headed by Larry Fuell, director of the Global Affairs…

Intersections in Art and Activism

Kellyanne Conway see herself as a feminist? Not in the “classic sense,” but based on recent comments, the Counselor to the President may see herself as a feminist in her own way. This begs the question, what is feminism? And that’s a question that cannot be answered without looking into activism and how the needs…

Coming Together : SCC’s Global Showcase

Students of varying nationalities gathered in the cafeteria February 28 for the 2017 Global Showcase. Panels consisting of representatives of countries ranging from Sri Lanka to Japan showed off activities, items and cultural norms for all to see. Music blared over the loudspeakers as students tried on clothes, played instruments and ate food of all…

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Do you know someone who has suffered from an eating disorder? The odds are high that your answer should be “yes.” However, these disorders tend to be invisible, or go unnoticed by many of the people around the affected person. The people who are suffering are not just following a fad, nor are they trying…

Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce, Italianized

Hankering for a bowl of spaghetti in tomato sauce that tastes like the one you had at that one place? You know, that nice Italian joint down the street owned and operated by that one Italian family. That place where, upon arrival, your senses become pleasantly overwhelmed with smells of garlic, basil, tomato and Parmesan…

Fashion Dim Sum

There are no dim sum places in Shoreline. I say that with unabashed confidence because my obsession with dumplings knows no bounds — I make it a point to know every restaurant with dumplings within a five mile radius of myself. I also make it a point to visit every single one at least once….

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