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Ebbtide eats: Royal Unicorn restaurant

By Ilona Kinnear Monday afternoon after most of the Ebbtiders went their separate ways, a group of five remained to explore the world of food. This week’s adventure: the Royal Unicorn restaurant. After some wrong turns and mild panic, the five approached the venue. They were greeted by an old neon sign with run-down exteriors…

May The Rice Be With You

By Martin Musialczyk Illustration by Coral Nafziger As the Ebbtide staff debated on where to get some good Chinese food for a staff dinner, Din Tai Fung was quickly dismissed, deemed too expensive for the college-minded budget. Royal Unicorn was chosen, boasting a menu with a slew of options for just under $10. Researching the…

Word on the street: What’s your Halloween costume for this year?

By Adelia Sindunata Photos by Martin Musialczyk “I’ll wear a toga. No, not a Greek goddess costume, just a plain toga.” -Gabriela Djuhadi “Doraemon, I guess?” -Alvin Gunawan “Orange Morph suit.” -Amin Fuson “It seems like I’m going to be a witch this year.” -Elena Soboleva “The Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen guy!” -Quang Ngo TweetSharePin

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