Is the sun setting on the Patriot Act?

Key provisions of the U.S. Patriot Act and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) are set to expire on June 1 unless Congress takes action to renew them.
These sunset provisions, or provisions with a limited lifetime within a law, were intended to expire four years after their introduction in 2001, but underwent several reauthorizations by congress.

Princess Angeline

The Duwamish tribe is not extinct. Raising awareness for their unrecognized status speaker Edie Loyer-Nelson, a Duwamish tribe member, spoke at a showing of the film "Princess Angeline." 75 students filled the Quiet Dining Room on Tuesday, April 21 to view the film that breaks down the history of Seattle's land and examines how European settlement affected both the land and the Duwamish people.

Extreme Makeover: Shoreline Edition

A year and a half of heated public debate came to a close last month as the city council put Shoreline’s potential new facelift into law.

Throughout the process of adopting the new ordinances, Shoreline’s citizens have turned out in droves at any opportunity for public comment regarding the NE 185 St. light rail station.

Earth Week comes to SCC

Teachers and students are working together to bring Earth Week to Shoreline this year. A committee has been meeting since mid-March to generate ideas and organize a week long series of events. The week’s events will follow the theme “ethics of place,” focusing on the history and the current state of Shoreline’s ecosystems.

Campus security is lacking, says student representative

What should you do if there’s a shooter on campus? According to SCC’s Safety and Security website, there are a few options. If you’re in a classroom, stay there. If you’re outdoors, find refuge in a classroom. Security also suggests hiding, running, playing dead, or, if no other option presents itself, fighting. Pick a course of action, then wait for emergency responders, only if 911 has been called.

Water bottle refilling stations will help promote campus sustainability

Five new water bottle refilling stations are coming to SCC.

The $25,000 that will pay for these stations came from the Sustainable Commuter Options fee (SCOF), which collects $34 per quarter from every student at SCC.

What happened to our Fishbowl?

It used to be that room in the PUB with windows that go floor to ceiling, where students could sit in an armchair and relax, study, or do whatever they wanted in a quiet, dark environment. Now the Fishbowl is a museum.

News Briefs

Spindrift Art Jury Show

Parliament in Review

SCC’s 10-member Student parliament meets bi-weekly to discuss student concerns and evaluate mini-grant requests from clubs, programs and student groups to supplement student-oriented projects.
Last meeting: Feb. 23, 2015
Amount requested: $744.47
Amount granted: $744.47
Amount remaining for winter quarter: $26,882

Xbox for Education

The Student Leadership Center (SLC) requested $744.47 to purchase an Xbox One and three controllers for the PUB’s game room.

Undocumented immigrants: unrecognized Americans

Felix Lara-Blanco smiles and sits down outside Central Market, cracking a joke about his love life. “I’m like the Mexican Ted Mosby,” he says, referencing the CBS show “How I Met Your Mother.” He launches into a joke about another episode, but stops to greet some apparent acquaintances, something he seems to do frequently.



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