Summertime in South Africa

STUDY ABROAD OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS An opportunity for students to earn credit while traveling to South Africa is coming up this summer. Ernest Johnson, from SCC’s multicultural studies department, will lead a study abroad trip to the Cape Town area […]

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Border Insecurity

SCC STUDENT DETAINED BY ICE When international student Jungeun “Rachel” Kim re-entered the U.S. from Canada in January, she had what she thought was an easy mission: to get her student status renewed. However, the mission turned out to be […]

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Clubs Helping Clubs

YOUTUBERS WANT YOU TOO While other clubs started with tons of paperwork, one new club started with a YouTube channel, one camera, two iPhones and the same paperwork. Mina-Yuan Lee, an international student from Taiwan, had her own YouTube channel. […]

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