Border Insecurity

SCC STUDENT DETAINED BY ICE When international student Jungeun “Rachel” Kim re-entered the U.S. from Canada in January, she had what she thought was an easy mission: to get her student status renewed. However, the mission turned out to be […]

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Clubs Helping Clubs

YOUTUBERS WANT YOU TOO While other clubs started with tons of paperwork, one new club started with a YouTube channel, one camera, two iPhones and the same paperwork. Mina-Yuan Lee, an international student from Taiwan, had her own YouTube channel. […]

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Drop the Mic

A FIRST PERSON LOOK INTO SCC’S NEW VOCAL COMPETITION My pulse was racing and I couldn’t stop shaking. My heart was in my throat as I was walking onto the stage. And then I was under the spotlight. SCC Vocal […]

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