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Sears, Skateboards and Student Services

CANDIDATES HAVE THEIR SAY One candidate wants to improve the shuttles, another wants to negotiate with a nonexistent Sears over parking space and the third wants to add skateboards to campus life. The associated student government (ASG) presidency is down to the three candidates: Brian Tansil, Denish Oleke and Long Thanh “Harry” Phan, each of…

No Longer Hidden

SCC’S FOOD PANTRY MOVES DOWNSTAIRS Students no longer need to trek up the PUB stairs to take advantage of the SCC pantry. The pantry has moved down from the third floor of the PUB to Room 9203 on the main floor. If you haven’t heard of the pantry before, don’t worry, because according to Collin…

ASG in Review – Vol 53 Issue 12, May 4, 2018

The Associated Student Government (ASG) typically holds board meetings from 3-5 p.m. on the first and third Monday of every month. The most recent meeting was on April 30 in the Boardroom of the 1000 Building. Students may attend if they would like to meet their representatives or voice an issue. In addition, students may…

News Briefs – Vol 53 Issue 12, May 4, 2018

Blood Drive 10 a.m.-12 p.m. & 1-4 p.m., May 4, PUB Give blood! And while you’re at it, get on the bone marrow registry. There’s a critical lack of people, especially people of color. Cancer robbed me of the ability to give blood, so now you have to. That’s right, you’ve just been cancer carded….

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