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Thinking Globally, Acting Locally – Tacoma’s Mayor Comes to Campus

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally - Tacoma's Mayor Comes to Campus

November 13, 2017

The mayor of Tacoma, who is certainly not the tallest mayor in Washington, looked her podium up and down, and smiled. “The world is made for men who are six feet tall,” she declared, and her audience of SCC students and faculty laughed. She elected to stand in front of the podium addressing the...

Refugee Resettlement – Picking Up The Government’s Slack

Refugee Resettlement - Picking Up The Government’s Slack

November 13, 2017

Less than one percent of refugees are settled in a third country. The first being the country they fled, the second, the country they’re living in which they stay in refugee camps, with the third being a safe place to rebuild their lives. Most of those settled are women and children. Simon Walker...

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