The Gooder Burger

With warm season get-togethers coming up, the mighty burger is a backyard party staple. They’re easy, fun to grill and can be customized to appease most tastebuds. Purchase 2.25 pounds of ground meat with a lean to fat ratio of […]

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Anime Mid-Season Reviews!

Well, I’m at it again with one of my favorite ways to procrastinate in life. Once again, here’s another anime review segment where I tell you a bit about my favorite animes this season. And for the love of god, […]

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Man Rompers: Feminist AF

“Ugh what next manpons[?]” asks Facebook user Ricky Brown in the comments section of a post about rompers for men. Get it? Tampons are for women, so the term “manpons” is funny because it degrades men by equating them with […]

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