The Ebbtide

Harrass (Not) Meant

Travis Tribble

February 20, 2019

THE BLURRED LINE BETWEEN FLIRTING AND HURTING Some pitfalls to flirting can come from knowing the line between charming and creepy. Cupid's arrow claimed many hearts this Valentine’s Day and romance is in the air. While there are people that find flirting easy, many find it awkward or diffic...

When the Going Gets Tough, Get Going

Azia Kelikoa’elakauaikekai Jaelyn Lualhati

February 20, 2019

LEAVE THAT TOXIC RELATIONSHIP BEHIND Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but toxic relationships can exist in any month, on any day and at any time. You may find yourself in one without even realizing it. “Toxic” is a common word which gets attributed to people’s miserable connections with o...

Countering Continued Misconduct – The Revised Student Policy

Azia Kelikoa’elakauaikekai Jaelyn Lualhati

November 20, 2017

Since January, there have been 30 reports of sexual misconduct at SCC. At SCC, unwanted sexual conduct is never condoned. Washington’s public two-and four-year schools are amending their student policies “to be more in alignment (with each other) so the student gets a more consistent experience,”...

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