The Ebbtide

Out With the Old, Here With the Two

Out With the Old, Here With the Two

Ed Strong

May 6, 2019

STUDENTS, MAKE THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU The race for student body president is in the final stretch. Associated Student Government (ASG) held an open forum on April 30, as Isaac Tchao and Seth Zeldenrust each explained what they would bring to the ASG presidency in the 2019-20 school year. I...

Campaign Promises

Travis Tribble

February 4, 2019

IS ASG ANSWERING THE CALL? SCC has a number of resources available for students, but some on-campus assets aren’t always working, leaving all of us at a significant disadvantage. Denish Oleke, Associated Student Government (ASG) president, promised several courses of action in the sprin...

International Education in the Shadow of 2016 Election

International Education in the Shadow of 2016 Election

Elliot Raven

December 3, 2018

STUDENTS' PERSPECTIVE ON STUDYING IN AMERICA In the fall of 2017, ASG President Denish Oleke left Uganda to study at SCC. He began his first quarter as a computer-science major, shivering under three sweaters in the brisk Seattle weather. American food was vastly different from what he’d grown up eati...

SCC’s Very Own Rocket Man

Future interstellar colonizer: Harry Phan. PHOTO BY: Nick Molsee.

Tobias Hope-Young

October 6, 2018

FROM VIETNAM TO WASHINGTON. NEXT STOP, SPACE. Harry Phan wants to build a spaceship for interstellar colonization. He says he’s not at the construction phase yet, but he’s making progress, taking classes to become an astronautical engineer. It's a difficult task, but he seems optimistic about his...

Pads, Protests and Partying

June 22, 2018

ASG in Review: Year-End Edition The entirety of SCC’s ASG is about to graduate. As the new guard prepares to take over, it bears the responsibility of having to look at the shoes they intend to fill. According to Yorin Anggari, the current ASG president, the ASG was assembled at the beginn...

Sears, Skateboards and Student Services

Sears, Skateboards and Student Services

Tobias Hope-Young

May 12, 2018

CANDIDATES HAVE THEIR SAY One candidate wants to improve the shuttles, another wants to negotiate with a nonexistent Sears over parking space and the third wants to add skateboards to campus life. The associated student government (ASG) presidency is down to the three candidates: Brian Tansil...

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

May 9, 2018

FACT-CHECKING THE CANDIDATES “I would definitely vote for him because he looks better than other candidates.” “I won’t vote for this guy because I have talked to him before and he is just a socially awkward person.” I am so done with this shit. For those who supported Hillary Clinton, if I said I ...

Presidential Profiles

Presidential Profiles

April 21, 2018

GEARING UP FOR ASG ELECTIONS Put on your democracy hats, Phins. It’s that time of year again. Students will have a chance to vote in the annual Associated Student Government (ASG) presidential election from April 25 to May 9. Students, as the only body of SCC able to vote in this election, are encou...

The People Who Do Stuff With Your Money

The People Who Do Stuff With Your Money

November 20, 2017

Members of the Associated Student Government (ASG) each have unique jobs pertaining to issues like social justice, technology, and sustainability. In addition to their specific roles, they allocate tens of thousands of dollars of student money through mini grants, recognize clubs and other matters. Meetings are held ...

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