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Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement

Nova Clark

April 24, 2019

NEW BUILDING SPELLS FRESH START FOR STEM A brand new project will unite SCC’s STEM programs with innovation and improvement. The Allied Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Complex will replace the current 2500 Building. Photo: Nova Clark The Allied Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Complex, which will replace the current 2500 Building and possibly the first fl...

Major Competition

June 18, 2018

MAKING THE CUT FOR UW COMPUTER SCIENCE SCC students looking to get into the computer science major at the UW may find it to be much more difficult than expected. As the demand for tech talent increases around the world, the desirability of computer-related degrees has impacted enrollment college comput...

Error: TechEXPO Not Found

April 21, 2018

ASG DROPS CREATIVE OUTLET Around this time last year, a bunch of talented students were demonstrating their projects in the PUB Main Dining Room for the TechEXPO 2017. But what about this year? While a lot of students were looking for information on TechEXPO 2018, the Associated Student Government (ASG) has...

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