The Ebbtide

Refereeing the Dinner Table

Forrest Baum

December 2, 2018

HOW TO TALK TO THE FAMILY It’s time for a family get-together, but, uh-oh: racist grandpa is at it again. We may not all have a racist grandpa, but we could probably all use some help talking to our families. Family and productive communication don’t always go together, so we’ve asked s...

American Enough?

Natasha Sidik

October 6, 2018

A CHALLENGED IDENTITY The image of a stereotypical American doesn’t fit with what most people would consider “American ideals,” a country that sells itself as a melting pot for multiculturalism. With the recent success of blockbusters starring non-traditional actors like “Black Panther” and “Crazy Rich Asians...

Are You a Creep?

June 22, 2018

TAKE OUR QUIZ Dearest heterosexual man, I don’t actually hate you, okay? I didn’t hate you when you were in middle school and coined “Slap Ass Friday” and “Touch Tits Tuesday,” making future me recognize the one benefit of being the weird Asian girl who never talked and wore off-brand ...

Dating Across Cultures

March 20, 2018

THE COMMUNICATION STRUGGLE IS REAL A while back, one of my American friends texted me on Messenger and said, “Seriously, I really like you.” I was puzzled and thought, “Does he mean he likes my personality or likes me romantically?” I even Googled what it means when a guy says he likes...

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