The Ebbtide

SCC Braces for Third Round of Layoffs Amid COVID Shortfall

SCC President Cheryl Roberts addresses staff in a Dec. 5, 2019 budget meeting, prior to the pandemic. Those meetings led up to an initial round of $2.3 million cuts. Photo from file.

Joshua Groom, Copy Editor

October 9, 2020

The college seeks to trim $8.3 million from the budget through the elimination of 11% of faculty positions, 7 % of administrative and 8% of classified staff.

A Reason to Smile

A Reason to Smile

Joshua Groom

June 1, 2019

SCC BACHELOR'S PROPOSAL CLEARS STATE BOARD SCC is one step closer to offering students a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene (BAS-DH). The state Board of Education approved a "statement of need" on May 2, according to Maryrose Bellert, the head of SCC’s dental hygiene department. The c...

SCC Budget Crisis Shakes Administration

SCC Budget Crisis Shakes Administration

Juan Páez

May 6, 2019

KEY FIGURES REVEAL MONETARY REALITY SCC’s finances are a cause of growing concern amongst faculty, staff and the student body, with the administration exploring solutions such as raising tuition and keeping job vacancies open as an answer to the $3 million budget shortfall the campus is facing...

The Process Begins

Joshua Groom

May 6, 2019

SCC PLANS TO LAUNCH BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM IN DENTAL HYGIENE A timeline of how the proposal is expected to progress, based upon information from acting Vice President for Student Learning Bayta Maring. Graphic: Joshua Groom SCC’s board of trustees approved a measure two months ago to begin the process for the school to offer a baccal...

All For Nothing

Nova Clark

April 22, 2019

WHERE TEXTBOOKS FALL SHORT With a new quarter in full swing, an old problem may be facing students — and it comes in the form of a textbook. The pattern is familiar: Instructors will list required reading in the syllabus, and it will be purchased only to be returned later on. As a result, textbooks e...

Stress Divided by Two

Leaky Pipeline at SCC

Travis Tribble

March 16, 2019

SCC COSIGNS NEW MATH PROGRAM SCC is planning on cutting out prerequisite math programs with hopes of improving student success. “Corequisites” is the name of the new program and is currently in its feedback and planning phase. The changes will be implemented as soon as fall quarter 2019. ...

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