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Nova Clark

Nova Clark is the Editor-In-Chief of The Ebbtide. She covers arts and entertainment while writing a biweekly film and television review column called "Double Exposure." Clark takes daily influence from the style and culture of the 1950's through 1970's.


Double Exposure: ‘Network’ (1976)

Half-drama, half-satire, “Network” is the perfect response to a television-saturated society. Penned by Paddy Chayefsky and directed by Sidney Lumet, it is the ultimate comment on mass media — as told by mass media. The beginning of the film introduces the protagonist, a renowned, middle-aged news division president named Max Schumacher (William Holden). He is…


Double Exposure: ‘Mannix’ (1967-1975)

The late 60s was not only a great time for film, but for television, too. When "Mannix” hit the airwaves, it was the perfect storm of action-packed fight sequences and crime- solving. Mike Connors portrayed the show’s title character, Joe Mannix, who maintained a calm, cool and collected demeanor paired with expert combat abilities. “Mannix”…


Superbowl LIV: Fast Facts

The 54th Super Bowl hailed a series of firsts. On Feb. 2, 2020, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs competed at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. Before the game began, noteworthy players and coaches were honored in a ceremony that paid tribute to 100 years of the NFL. A number of the…


Double Exposure: “Wait Until Dark” (1967)

Think of Audrey Hepburn, and images of 1950s glamour and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” may come to mind. But in 1967, she was dropped into an unexpected world of hurt as Susy Hendrix in Terence Young’s “Wait Until Dark,” a frightening thriller about a doll containing heroin that finds itself in the wrong hands. It all…


Christmas Classics

Christmas movies are a genre of their own. If you’re looking forward to sitting down for holiday-themed films, the following list could aid your efforts in selecting this year’s lineup, with choices ranging from classic to lesser-known movies — as well as their perfect pairings for any double feature desires you may have. “It’s a…


Double Exposure: ‘The Defenders’ (1961-1965)

In 1961, CBS debuted a courtroom drama series like no other. Miles ahead of its time in both subject matter and execution, “The Defenders” starred E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed as a father-and-son duo of defense attorneys who laid down the law in weekly tales of ethics and responsibility. While most present-day viewers would recognize…

A&E Calendar – Dec. 6, 2019

Piano Juries 12:30 p.m., Dec. 6; Rm. 820 Students enrolled in private piano lessons at SCC will be uniting for a free, public showcase to play a solo piece before a jury of instructors. These students will be performing the music they have been practicing all quarter long, making this a perfect opportunity to support…


SCC Choir Arises to the Occasion

SCC’s choirs, Chamber Chorale and Shoreline Singers, will be joining forces for a fall concert called “I Arise.” “I Arise” dabbles in concepts of thoughtfulness and how people carry themselves around others. Featuring a range of moods, the program is intended to either uplift a particular person or bring groups of people together, with an…

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