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Double Exposure: ‘The Fugitive’ (1963-1967)

“Double Exposure” is a column dedicated to bringing attention to classic film and television of note. Have you ever felt the sting of being blamed for something you didn’t do? What about being sentenced to die for a crime you didn’t commit? This is the dilemma of Dr. Richard Kimble, protagonist of ABC’s 1960s television…



SUPPORTING LOVED ONES THROUGH ADDICTION If you are an Adult Child of Alcoholic parents, as are many individuals, you may have experienced being withdrawn, having mixed emotions, being disconnected, or even finding amazing social interactions at work, but very few or no friends in your personal life as well as fear of romantic partnerships. According…

The Impact of Tragedy

THE LACK OF SENSITIVITY TOWARD SCHOOL VIOLENCE Disclaimer: This story contains descriptions of violence and trauma. If you have post traumatic stress stemming from an act of violence, proceed with caution. Two weeks ago, a gunman opened fire at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, killing two students and injuring four. Last week, a pair…

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