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No One Belongs Here More Than You : A Showering of Inclusive Messages

Pastries, coffee and what SCC’s Facebook page calls “some smilage” — you can expect all these on the first week of every quarter at SCC, aka Welcome Week. In spring 2017, there were efforts to be even more welcoming. #YouAreWelcomeHere #YouAreWelcomeHere is a national campaign brought to SCC by the International Education (IE) department. According…

Starship Troopers

One thing you should know about me: I’m absolutely in love with monster movies. These flicks come in a wide variety. From “Tremors” to “Godzilla”, there are plenty to choose from for raw, man-on-creature violence. In 1997, Paul Verhoeven, director of classic action films like “Total Recall” and “Robocop,” graced theaters with a beast of…


Springtime Sadness: Tips on How to Survive Allergy Season

For about 30 percent of the adult population, springtime means more than just blooming flowers, chirping birds and Easter eggs. For that 30 percent, spring can mean pain, misery and excessive bodily fluid output. That’s right, I’m talking about allergies. Those who are cursed with this affliction know what kind of horrors can await them…

I’ll See Your Chicken Parmesan and Raise You Eggplant Parmesan

Have you ever been to a restaurant that prepares vegetarian dishes exclusively? Ever wonder why everything is expensive? They’re just vegetables. Well, it’s because there’s a lot of labor involved to prepare vegetables to be as well-received as their meat counterparts. Sometimes you come across a vegetarian recipe that is not only relatively easy to…

Uwajimaya Deli

Two of my friends and I were having a hard time deciding where to eat — I can’t eat spicy food, friend number one doesn’t eat pork and friend number two was abstaining from red meat. After two hours of “no” to all the places I suggested, I came up with a somewhat brilliant idea:…

Word on the Street: What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Soundtracks from “My Sister’s Keeper,” and “A Walk to Remember.” -Thanasath Siripornrungrueng Latin groove. Every time I show my friends it, they crack up. I actually don’t mind Nick Jonas. -Tessa Gelder I like the song “I Kissed a Girl.” I like the tone, but something about it seems kind of beautiful. -Nathaniel Ljubicich Reggae….

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