Bulldogs stomp Dolphins with disappointing four-in-a-row sweep

It was a rainy Saturday in the center of Bellevue College that kicked off the weekend’s first doubleheader. With a heartbreaking 11-6 loss, the Shoreline Community College Dolphins would stay in a rut for the remaining three games, resulting in a disappointing sweep to the Bellevue College Bulldogs. Coming off an already four-game losing streak, this recent matchup will be eight straight losses for the mostly first-year ball club.

SCC Softball has been Benched for the Season

Shoreline Community College failed to field a softball team for the first time ever according to the current stand-in Athletic Director, Steve Eskridge.

The former coach, Lance Swehla, resigned in late July amid allegations of sexual harassment and professional misconduct, according to documents on file with the school administration. Of the 15 girls who were once members of the team, only one still attends school at Shoreline and nine of the former players left.

A Little Bit Grungy, a Little Bit Rock-and-Bowl

The Ebbtide’s music aficionado highlights a few albums that shine among the other riff raff.

Basketball Season Ends with a Below-the-Rim Record for SCC

Women basketball team

Fresh Coaches in the Bullpen Bring New Hope for SCC Baseball

As basketball season ends and spring gets closer, we welcome the SCC’s baseball team to the diamond. Until recently, SCC baseball was led by Coach Ryan Browne, who left the position in mid-December 2013. Dur- ing the ‘13 season, SCC finished with a .500, meaning they won 21 out 42 games for the season. According to the National Athletic Association of Com- munity Colleges, SCC stood second to last in the North Region for ‘13.

Men’s Basketball gets Knocked Out by Bellevue

The Shoreline men’s basketball team suffered a loss to the Bellevue Bulldogs in a well fought game that had the fans on the edge of their seats on Feb. 5. The audience was engaged from start to the very end. Throughout the game, three fist fights almost occurred.

The players attempted to stay focused, however, there was one fight that caused such a commotion the game had to be stopped. An elderly man in the mid-risers of the gymnasium exclaimed snarkily “looks like someone needs to lose some weight” in dead silence at the end of the SCC cheerleader’s half-time performance.

Star of 'Heart of the Game' Now Coaches SCC

Former assistant coach Darnellia Russell stars in a new role as head coach for the SCC women's basketball team.

Basketball Schedule


Two White-Knuckle Tie Breakers at Shoreline vs. Olympic

Down by 20 points at the end of the first half, the SCC women’s basketball team looked like they were going into their ninth loss this season. The home-team crowd was quiet coming out for the second half but the team came out alive. Outscoring their opponents, SCC make a solid second half comeback to force Olympic College into over-time.

SCC Hoop-Lord Could Land “Best in League”

Perhaps what stands out most at a Shoreline Community College basketball game, apart from the blast of the horn signalling the start of the first quarter, is the presence of one player in particular, wearing the number 32 on his teal jersey.



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