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New baseball coach plans to focus on fundementals and team cohesion

Shoreline Community College has a new head coach who is determined to take the ram last season.men’s baseball program to the next level.

Last season, Travis Fox worked beside Dave Snell as co-head coach of the 10-24 Dolphin baseball program.

Pitching Prodigal Returns

by Aaron Hauck
Contributing Writer

Softball has returned to SCC

Coming off of a rocky 14-game road stretch, Shoreline hosted its first softball game in almost two years.

The Bellevue College Bulldogs (17-8, 9-2) visited the Shoreline Dolphins (2-14, 1-11) for a doubleheader on Sunday, April 12. Bellevue swept the doubleheader handily in a pair of convincing victories over the fledgling Shoreline Dolphins. Shoreline took a devastating 22-6 loss in game one and came up five runs short in a 12-7 loss in the game that followed.

Sarah Casel: Stealing bases scoring points

As Shoreline softball struggles to rebuild, a leader has emerged from centerfield.

Sarah Casel leads the team in hits and runs, producing almost twice as much as any other Dolphin this season, and leads the entire NWAC in stolen bases with 24.

“There was someone who challenged me to get to 30 stolen bases in the season,” Casel says, “and I’m already almost there.”

Sports Calendar


Saturday, April 4:

-1 p.m. (Baseball) Shoreline 7 at Bellevue 5
-3 p.m. (Baseball) Shoreline 0 at Bellevue 2

Sunday, April 5:

-12 p.m. (Softball) Shoreline 2 vs. Olympic 18
-1 p.m. (Baseball) Shoreline 7 vs. Bellevue 5
-3 p.m. (Baseball) Shoreline 3 vs. Bellevue 17
-6 p.m. (Softball) Shoreline 1 vs. Olympic 14

Tuesday, April 7:

Dolphins and Bulldogs each take 2

After starting out the season with an 18-game road trip, the Dolphins made their way back to Shoreline for a pair of doubleheaders against the Bellevue College Bulldogs.

At long last SCC will have a softball team again

After a year of absence, softball is coming back to Shoreline. With a new head coach and a team made up fully of freshman, the season ahead is one of intrigue.

“I’m excited to see what the potential is,” head coach Ben Reidel said of his team. Reidel was promoted from associate coach last year, and hopes to create a brand new atmosphere and a fresh start for the program.

SCC Dolphins are now swimming in a live stream

In the past if you wanted to watch Shoreline basketball but you were unable to get to campus, you were out of luck. Not anymore. Now if you wish to watch Shoreline play, you can simply go online and watch a live stream with commentary.

For around a month now Shoreline has been working with Snohomish Times Sports Network (STSPN) to record and broadcast live Shoreline basketball games. STSPN also uploads all the games they film to their site and the Shoreline athletic YouTube account.

Disappointing buzzer-beater ends Shoreline's post-season aspirations

After a controversial shot with 0.4 seconds left on the clock, Shoreline fell to Everett 74-73, ending Shoreline’s playoff hopes.

The game appeared to be in hand with 14 seconds left, when Skylar Kelley hit a 3-pointer to give Shoreline a 1-point advantage. Kelley went 2-for-4 from behind the arc and finished with 6 points on the night.

“I was happy he put it up there,” head coach Donald Brady said after the game. After the shot went in, the crowd burst into cheers as the team jumped into each others arms, victory in reach.



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