From the closet to the stage

Vivian Wilson’s voice is thick with emotion as she performs, but she pushes through her monologue, describing her life as a transgender woman.

We can't beat it, but we can stop it

A new tool for HIV prevention stands poised to save the lives of thousands of queer youth.

A prescription medication that has been used for over a decade to treat HIV infections is now being used to prevent new infections entirely.

Understanding Queer Slang

Bear. This term is actually relatively loose and hard to pin down, you can be missing a few bear qualities and still be a bear. Don’t worry though, once you see a few examples you’ll be able to identify them easily, you always know a bear.

Campus support center may be difficult for students to find

by Howie Echo-Hawk
Staff Writer

For the Women’s Center Program Manager Lynette Peters, it can be challenging to talk to a student about their emotions, especially in a place without privacy.

Hungry for change

Sharon Wilfong rushes into the restaurant out of the pouring rain. She removes her dripping layers one at a time and unwraps her long purple scarf. Wilfong stands fearless at 6 feet tall. She eagerly orders a cup of coffee and smiles at the waitress with thankful eyes.

Explore forbidden passions with ENGL & 295

Love. Sex. Murder.

This spring, all three will infiltrate an English class near you.

For the first time since 2011, SCC will offer “World Literature: Love, Sex and Murder,” also known as English 295.

SCC English Professor Neal Vasishth, who will teach English 295 this coming spring quarter, said that the “ideal story” for the class is one in which all three elements – love, sex and murder – come into play.

Is Feminism For You?

The Feminists United club at SCC may re-define what you believe it means to be a feminist.

“Mostly my students come in with this understanding of feminism as a really negative thing,” said Rachel David SCC gender and women’s studies Professor and advisor to Feminists United.

Talents Show Winners!

First-place winner: Matthew Poon – Yo-Yo

Part-Time faculty living in limbo

Tenure is designed to protect academic freedom. It is supposed to ensure that instructors cannot be fired for their religious beliefs, political views, teaching controversial material, or any other reason that is personal in nature. This keeps colleges as breeding grounds for new, sometimes controversial, ideas and concepts--college is known for experimentation after all.

Riding Shotgun With Shoreline Speed Demon

It's not every college campus that has a female NASCAR driver among its ranks. Molly Helmuth is a Shoreline Community College student and a race car driver.



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