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CJ Priebe is the Copy Editor for the Ebbtide. He covers general assignments while writing. Priebe's words to live by: "Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic." - Albus Dumbledore

Fake News: A series of Trump “what-if’s”

What a summer for American politics! President Donald Trump has been in power for the better part of three years now and things haven’t calmed down. Actual fact: The U.S. president is currently undergoing impeachment proceedings. The president’s defense has been to muddy the waters of truth so that his supporters will claim the president…


Phin For Life

A FORMER ASG PRESIDENT’S REFLECTIONS ON POLITICS AND ACTIVISM Every two or three years, 34-year-old Shaun Scott takes a bus from Seattle up to SCC. Nostalgia drives him to visit the campus that helped mold him into who he is today: a candidate for Seattle City Council’s Fourth District. Scott didn’t plan on getting into…


Top of the Pecking Order

MASKS, EMOTION AND COUNTRY POP WITH ZERO CORN Country music is still alive because it is finally embracing modernity. For those people who don’t necessarily find the ascendency of country music to be an automatic boon, I understand. But before you jump to a conclusion, first let me explain a new artist named Orville Peck….

Game On

LIFE PLAYS OUT ON THE DIGITAL FRONTIER Video games can be a blast, but often get a bad reputation from certain… sometimes older… people. Despite their potential pitfalls, video games serve as a platform to practice skills that adults use to navigate myriad professional industries. The content and direction of video games is limitless, spanning…


Sports Roundup: European Soccer

BEND IT LIKE BRITAIN In Europe, they do sports differently than Americans do in the U.S. Most people know that soccer is the world’s most popular sport. And right now, the best soccer is being played in England. This year, both of the top tournaments in Europe have all-British finalists — and none of those…


Under Further Review

THE INSTANT REPLAY PROBLEM Instant replay is a mechanism for sports officials to check to see if they got a call correct or not. And, recently, it has taken over professional sports. This year, for the first time ever at the Kentucky Derby, the winning horse was disqualified. And it happened 22 minutes after the…

Sports Roundup: NBA Playoffs

THE BATTLE FOR BASKETBALL’S BIGGEST HONOR Currently there are eight teams vying for a chance to bring home the Larry O’Brien Trophy, which goes to the team that ultimately clinches the NBA championship. Nothing short of sixteen wins will bring it home, and each of the following eight teams remaining still has a fair chance…

Hear No Evil

TRUE CRIME PODCASTS ARE KILLIN’ IT Throughout history, murder has inspired the public and storytellers alike, whereas recently, podcasts have catapulted to the forefront of the storytelling world. These two factors have combined to create a landscape filled with true crime stories that surge through earbuds of millions of people each day. Why are true…

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