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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

FACT-CHECKING THE CANDIDATES “I would definitely vote for him because he looks better than other candidates.” “I won’t vote for this guy because I have talked to him before and he is just a socially awkward person.” I am so done with this shit. For those who supported Hillary Clinton, if I said I didn’t…


Oil and Clay

FACULTY ART SHOW GRACES GALLERY Two contrasting artists shared a single space to showcase their work at the SCC art gallery this spring. Those artists were Nicholas Enevoldsen and Gary Georger, two SCC art instructors. Enevoldsen is a painter who utilizes oil paints on small and medium frameless canvases, and Georger is a potter who…

A&E Calendar – Vol 53 Issue 12, May 4, 2018

New Faculty Exhibit: “Converging Landscapes” March 26-May 4, 1000 Building, Lobby SCC’s spring art exhibit “Converging Landscapes” is a display of creative pieces by artists and SCC instructors Nicholas Enevoldsen and Gary Georger. Enevoldsen’s unique series of oil compositions, “The Modern Spectacle,” draws from everyday life, remaining both vague and familiar. Georger’s background as a…

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