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Winter 2021 Staff

Nova Clark


Nova Clark is the Editor-in-Chief of The Ebbtide. She specializes in reviewing classic film and television spanning the 1950s-1970s in her column “Double Exposure.” Clark loves antiques and is an avid collector of all things...

Emma Dortsch

Copy Editor

Emma Dortsch is the Copy Editor of The Ebbtide. She ensures that all publications meet the latest Associated Press standards. In her free time Dortsch enjoys “casual gaming” (i.e. playing Tetris and solitaire for extended...

Yita S. Rivera

Online Editor

Yita S. Rivera is the Online Editor of The Ebbtide. She writes recipes in a recurring column, the Tasty Toast. Rivera loves to walk her dog, kickbox, go sightseeing, watching the television and preparing meals to enjoy with friends...

Larissa Odabai

Marketing Manager

Larissa Odabai is the Marketing Manager of The Ebbtide. Along with handling social media marketing for the paper, she writes a regular column called “At Home Abroad” in which she shares thoughts and advice from an international...

Erin Krogh

Visuals Director

Erin Krogh (pronounced crow) is the Visuals Director of The Ebbtide. She is charge of design and editorial illustration elements for the paper. Krogh enjoys cooking (but NOT baking) and trying new flavors of potato chips. ...

Kirk Meyers

News Editor

Kirk Meyers is the News Editor of The Ebbtide. He covers political, breaking and feature stories. Meyers is a motorcycle enthusiast, who enjoys spending most of his time on long winding roads.

Leuel Bekele

A&E Editor

Leuel Bekele is the Arts and Entertainment Editor of The Ebbtide. He covers arts and entertainment. Bekele has "gotta go get it... stay tuned."

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