Moving Forward: Called to Action in Trump’s America

Are we ready to talk yet? (Illustration by Martin Musialczyk) By Coral Nafziger “Prior to Trump being elected, this country was already showing signs of dysfunction, and it’s just come to a head now,” says Dr. Ernest Johnson, who teaches in SCC’s equity and social justice department. For many at SCC, Trump’s election following a…


An Overview of the Jakarta Riot

People from various Indonesian Islamic organizations came to Jakarta to protest Ahok’s controversial statement. (courtesy of By Adelia Sindunata and Madeline Kimberly Indonesia is known to be a free country. Indonesians possess a very diverse range of ethnicities and religions. Indonesia is also famous for government corruption. People don’t trust the country nor the…


Women’s Health vs. The Trump Effect

At a Feminists United meeting, Greta Moss discusses the future of health care and how it impacts her personally under President Trump. Photo by Martin Musialczyk By Allegra Simpkins The recent election has caused an uproar regarding women’s reproductive rights and other health issues, especially in majority blue states like Washington. Trump has retracted some…


Men’s Basketball: Ready to Rumble?

Shoreline’s no. 14, Ben Steinbrueck (dark uniform), scores in an exhibition game to jump start the 2016-17 season. No. 20 Andrew Hawkins and no. 30 Will Luckett fight down low for rebound real estate. Photo by Martin Musialczyk By Katen Burgess The home opener for men’s basketball is two months away, but the team has…


(SATIRE) Clinton Wins, Life is Hill : Who’s the Puppet Now?

By Ilona Kinnear Hillary Clinton has officially won the election and already millions of emails are disappearing from government databases across the U.S.. They continue to be exposed by Russian hackers to Wikileaks for the world to see. Clinton has also started redecorating the White House with ads and logos of all her sponsors. Soon…

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