Music: The Greatest Escape

SCC STUDENT FINDS THAT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Summer is coming and there will be an abundance of new bands to go see, including SCC student Em Heffernan’s project Nessy. On April 20, Nessy opened a house show with a combination of eight-bit digital pop and jazzy rock. Heffernan’s vocals were clean and at times operatic…


Don’t Sleep On “ZZ”

POSITION CHANGE HELPS PLAYER TAKE CENTER STAGE Zane Zurbrugg has all of the tools that make baseball scouts salivate. He’s tall, with a quick, compact swing, a powerful arm and record-breaking speed. Three years ago, he barely made a blip on anyone’s radar. Recruitment “I wasn’t even recruited coming out of high school,” Zurbrugg said….

Pick a Side

SUPER BOWL PERSONALITY QUIZ Time for the big game. The New England Patriots play the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII this Sunday, but wait — do you even know who you’re rooting for? Maybe you haven’t watched football in at least a year, but now you’ve been roped into a watch party by…


Highly Rated

SCC ALUMNUS RETURNS THE GIFT OF WRITING Michael Overa never wanted to teach. He grew up in a middle-class Seattle family with both parents working full time. This allowed him plenty of time to enjoy his books undisturbed. He describes his younger self as nerdy and introverted, traits that kept him out of trouble in…

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