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This is Your Brain on Summer

Tobias Hope-Young June 14, 2019

HOW TO BE THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED Summer is nearly upon us: It's time to relax, party hard and relax some more. But it can't all be fun and games because you need to stay on top of your...

Taking Away Women’s Choice

Tobias Hope-Young June 1, 2019

THE INTENT BEHIND ALABAMA'S NEW ABORTION BILL Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has recently signed an anti-abortion proposal, House Bill 314 (HB 314), criminalizing people in her state who provide surgical...

Graphic from KOMO news

Seattle’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

Tobias Hope-Young May 17, 2019

KOMO DOCUMENTARY SPARKS DEBATE This past March, KOMO broadcasted an hour-long film titled “Seattle is Dying.” Graphic from KOMO news The film, which can be found on YouTube, documented the...

Snowpocalypse: AN ICY RECAP

Tobias Hope-Young March 4, 2019

The first time was a novelty, the second time was a curiosity and the third time was an inconvenience. It seemed as if the “school closure due to snow” had gone from being an irregularity to the...

Renting a Risk

Tobias Hope-Young February 20, 2019

PITFALLS TO BIKE SHARES You can find them sprawled across lawns in the suburbs or on street corners in the cities. They are bikes without homes, and they present a multitude of safety and legal issues. These...

Airhead Redemption

Tobias Hope-Young January 19, 2019

THE YOUTUBER WHO DESTROYED HIS OWN CAREER In December of 2017, Logan Paul (former Vine star and current YouTube celebrity) hiked into the infamous Aokigahara forest, commonly known as the “Suicide...

Worth the Rate?

Tobias Hope-Young December 2, 2018

HOW TRUSTWORTHY IS RATE MY PROFESSOR Choosing the right classes can be difficult, while choosing the right teachers can be even more challenging but just as vital. With the new quarter dawning on...

Future interstellar colonizer: Harry Phan. PHOTO BY: Nick Molsee.

SCC’s Very Own Rocket Man

Tobias Hope-Young October 6, 2018

FROM VIETNAM TO WASHINGTON. NEXT STOP, SPACE. Harry Phan wants to build a spaceship for interstellar colonization. He says he’s not at the construction phase yet, but he’s making progress, taking...

Manage Your Minutes

Tobias Hope-Young June 2, 2018

TIME TIPS FROM AN EXPERT Are you always in a hurry? Do you spend hours wasting time before realizing that there is something vital that you need to be doing and then rush to complete the entire...

Sears, Skateboards and Student Services

Sears, Skateboards and Student Services

Tobias Hope-Young May 12, 2018

CANDIDATES HAVE THEIR SAY One candidate wants to improve the shuttles, another wants to negotiate with a nonexistent Sears over parking space and the third wants to add skateboards to campus life. The...

No Longer Hidden

Tobias Hope-Young May 12, 2018

SCC'S FOOD PANTRY MOVES DOWNSTAIRS Students no longer need to trek up the PUB stairs to take advantage of the SCC pantry. The pantry has moved down from the third floor of the PUB to Room 9203 on the...

Stacie Attridge instructing pilates class.


Tobias Hope-Young March 20, 2018

SHAPE UP WITH PILATES When deciding which workout class to go to I decided to pick the strangest one I could find. Yoga was my first pick but I felt like it was too mainstream so I decided on pilates....

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