The Ebbtide

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure

Shari Sung March 16, 2019

A TWO-DAY VANCOUVER GETAWAY As an international student, I remember how surprised I was when I discovered that it only takes three hours to drive from Seattle to Canada. I soon ventured to Vancouver,...

Audio Love

Shari Sung February 20, 2019

THERE’S ALWAYS A TUNE FOR YOU Music is a constructive way to express your feelings. Love, in particular, can be connected through music. Through music you can understand the emotions of others and...

Happy Lunar New Year

Shari Sung February 4, 2019

CELEBRATING AN ANNUAL ASIAN TRADITION The Lunar New Year has come again, and both Seattleites and non-Seattleites alike are gearing up for the annual celebration. For many countries, this annual...

Shrinking Demographic: SCCs Diversity at Risk

Shrinking Demographic: SCC’s Diversity at Risk

Shari Sung January 19, 2019

UNDERSTANDING THE RECENT DECLINE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Owing to its high-quality education system, diverse culture and relatively open labor market, the United States has always been one of the...

Winter on the Town

Shari Sung December 2, 2018

THINGS TO DO IN SEATTLE WHEN YOU'RE COLD No matter if you’re a food lover, a nature explorer or a shopaholic, you may find yourself impressed by what the area offers for winter break. Set Sail...

International Insights

Shari Sung November 21, 2018

WHAT IT'S LIKE TO LIVE IN A HOMESTAY In my own experience, studying abroad can be absolutely terrifying. International students have to adjust to cultural differences and overcome language barriers all...

The Secret Campus

The Secret Campus

Shari Sung October 20, 2018

SCC'S HIDDEN CORNERS SCC’s secluded campus has a number of hidden nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored by wandering students. Think you know a lot about the campus? There are a number...

Nerding Out

Shari Sung October 20, 2018

CALLING ALL COMPUTER SCIENTISTS Living in a technology-based era, coding has become so crucial that Apple’s Tim Cook said that it’s better to learn to code than learn English as a second language. Since...

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